Waste to Wonder 2024 Initiative

Join us for a day dedicated to celebrating and exploring the transformative power of sustainability and creativity at the Waste to Wonder 2024 Initiative event. Hosted by Ecosphere Organics in partnership with Make Food Not Waste during Detroit Month of Design in September, this event brings together artists, community members, and sustainability advocates to engage with the circular economy through art and innovation. The event will feature 2 interconnected events, each designed to inspire, educate, and foster community engagement around the theme of turning food waste into artistic and functional treasures.

There will be 2 events; (1) Eco-Innovators Workshop*, where participants will transform food waste into sustainable raw materials and learn how to create both artistic and functional products and (2) a public gallery and showcase on September 24, 2024 from 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM, featuring interactive installations and talks on sustainability, where attendees can engage with the artworks, learn about the work being done to reduce food waste, view demos from our partners, and mingle with those working to reduce food waste. This event not only highlights the innovative reuse of materials but also fosters community engagement in promoting a sustainable future.

Event Registration:

  • *Workshop (Proposed Day/Time - Subject to Change)
  • Public Event - September 24, 2024 (RSVP Link)

Open Call & Sponsorship Forms

Ways to Get Involved

Become A Sponsor

Show your commitment to environmental responsibility and reach an eco-conscious audience by sponsoring Waste to Wonder 2024. You will be supporting the event, the organizations and restaurants working to reduce food waste, and the creatives producing sustainable art!

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Food Waste Suppliers Open Call

If you're a restaurant, grocery store, organization, etc., with an unused food waste stream, please fill out the survey to be paired with an artist who can turn it into art.  Ecosphere Organics will contact you with more details!

Artist Open Call

Express your creativity and promote sustainability by transforming food waste into captivating artwork for Waste to Wonder 2024.  We're calling on artists to use the refined materials from the restaurants in their art for display