$2.6 Trillion

is the Worth of Food Wasted Globally Each Year

of Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions are from Organic Waste
of Food Produced is Wasted
of Food is Lost Through the Supply Chain
of Food Produced Globally is Wasted at the Farm Stage

Only 6% of Food Wasted is Diverted from the Landfill Annually

Ecosphere Organics is Working to Divert More Organic Waste from the Landfill

About Us

Ecosphere Organics is an alternative materials company transforming organic waste into raw materials for other industries.  We also use AI to solve the issue of organic waste utilization. Our technology optimizes resource recovery and material processing, enabling sustainable circular economy solutions. By harnessing data and intelligent automation, we provide innovative materials, supply chain services, and analytical insights to drive eco-friendly practices across the chemical, plastics, food service, and manufacturing sectors.


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Those Helping Us Move The Needle Closer to Zero-Waste